Travel Posts

  • How to Travel with Pets
    With the holidays fast approaching, you may be visiting relatives that live near by. Your getting yourself organized and ready to go….you’ve made a list of road trip essentials (check out our list here) or your preparing to take a short flight. But what about your pets??? Pets need a vacation too and make great… Continue reading How to Travel with Pets
  • Twin Lakes Park, Texas
    Twin Lakes is a 50-acre tract of land that features hike and bike trails and beautiful native Texas flora and fauna. There is plenty of space to social distancing and the perfect outing for families who love to be out in nature. The park offers plenty of additional amenities such as pavilions, a swimming pool/water… Continue reading Twin Lakes Park, Texas
  • Old Settlers Park, Texas
    Round Rock’s Old Settlers Park is one of the best parks in the state of Texas and known as the best sports destination in the youth and amateur sports leagues. The park’s 640 acres provides lots of options for hike and bike trails and plenty of ample space for recreational pursuits such as disc golf,… Continue reading Old Settlers Park, Texas
  • Brushy Creek Lake Park, Texas
    If your looking for place with fresh air, wide open spaces and supports social distancing, then look no further than your local park. Our most recent adventure brought us to Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park, Texas. This park is absolutely beautiful! There are a ton of hike and bike trails to follow in… Continue reading Brushy Creek Lake Park, Texas
  • 3 Reasons You Should Rent A Boat
    Since we’ve been under quarantine for the last 3 months due to COVID-19 and the orders were finally lifted, we were ready to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. But we still had to follow social distancing rules while outside. So, we all put our heads together to find an activity… Continue reading 3 Reasons You Should Rent A Boat
  • The Exotic Resort Zoo – Johnson City, Texas
    If your looking for some family fun, something that is social distancing friendly and you happen to be in Texas, then check out the Exotic Resort Zoo! Located in Johnson City, Texas the Exotic Resort Zoo is the perfect getaway for the whole family. This is a full scale zoo with exotic animals and safari… Continue reading The Exotic Resort Zoo – Johnson City, Texas
  • London, England
    How about a trip down penny lane in……London, England! My husband’s last business trip. before the world went on lockdown due to COVID-19, was to London, England. He was able to take in a few sights and sounds before everything closed. London was one the cities he was excited to visit, he typically passes through… Continue reading London, England
  • Seoul, South Korea and Lizards
    Seoul the capital of South Korea is a city my husband has visited many times, including this past August. He enjoys the culture, temples and especially the food in South Korea. Fun fact….Did you know that Seoul is the home of fried chicken and barbecue??? Who would of thought!! This was right up my husbands… Continue reading Seoul, South Korea and Lizards
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    What’s warm sunny and beautiful all over……Costa Rica!! Who doesn’t love sun and gorgeous sandy beaches? Costa Rica has plenty of beaches and so much more to offer. With year round warm weather (23.7 °C (74.7 °F), its the perfect spot for winter vacation, summer vacation or any vacation. But don’t forget your umbrella, especially from May… Continue reading San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Waterloo aka Austin, Texas
    If you are ever in Austin, there are a couple of places in downtown Austin that are definitely worth visiting. Actually, there are LOT of places but for my family our favorite places are the Bullock Museum and the Texas State Capital Building. Unlike Austin’s famous tagline “Keep Austin Weird”, these place aren’t weird but… Continue reading Waterloo aka Austin, Texas
  • Year in Review: Favorite Cities of 2019
    My husband have traveled a lot over this past year, both domestically and abroad! So he has compiled a list of his favorites cities for 2019. We hope you enjoy this list and have the opportunity to visit some the cities and experience all the sights and sounds they have to offer. Budapest, Hungary Budapest… Continue reading Year in Review: Favorite Cities of 2019
  • Taipei, Taiwan and the Flu
    Recently, my husband visited his team in the beautiful city of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. He typically travels to Taiwan twice a year but he managed to squeeze in 1 more trip before the end of the year. He really enjoys the mild weather in Taipei (especially since its always hot where we live)… Continue reading Taipei, Taiwan and the Flu