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Conquest Maps

Conquest Maps

Calling all travelers!!!! I’ve finally found a good quality map to document all the countries we’ve traveled to…..Conquest Maps! Conquest Maps specializes in pin board and poster wall maps to document all your travel adventures. Ordering is so simple…

  1. Choose your map region: US, World, Caribbean, State, etc
  2. Choose your map style: they have 7 different styles (they are all gorgeous!)
  3. Customize: customize the legend including text, push pin colors and push pin style

For ours, we chose the World map in Rustic Vintage style….since my husband has LITERALLY been all over the world. We also decided to change the push pins to green – for places already traveled and blue – for future travel. We then decided to customize the legend and change the text; this was the hardest for me since the text possibilities are endless! But Conquest Maps saved the day with some really great quote inspiration (check out their Pinterest page). I had to stay true to my brand, of course, so we decided on “There and back again…..a globally inspired life.”

Once we placed our order, Conquest Maps customer service sent a proof of our customized legend and once we approved it, out map shipped and arrived a couple of days later. Talk about fast service! Our kids loved the new map and loved putting all the push pins on. Of course this led to lots of questions about each city and/or country my husband had visited. What a great conversation starter about different cultures! We had so much fun with this project and I plan on ordering more from Conquest Maps. It makes the perfect gift!

Fun fact….did you know they also sell travel decor, wall decals, vehicle decals, etc….