The Traveller’s Wife

A little about me…..

Welcome to The Traveller’s Wife! I’m a married thirty something mom of 2 amazing children; a son who keeps me on my toes and a sweet girl who leaves sparkles every where she goes. My husband, a Director for an international hardware and software company, travels internationally for work half the year-he’s been to almost every continent!! Additionally, we have our own family travel adventures and join him on his work trips. It is definitely tough navigating his travel schedule, my job, our 2 kiddos and daily life…. its an act of congress most days and sometimes chaotic…..actually always chaotic!

On my blog, you’ll find all of our travel adventures, travel tips and tricks along with my life hacks on staying sane and surviving chaos during his travel 1 day at a time. I hope this blog inspires you and entertains you along the way (we’ve had some pretty funny moments). Ready to be part of our journey….