Surviving Chaos

The Traveller’s Wife 2020 Vision

Welcome to 2020! The past year, and decade, are now officially closed, over, done, finito!! This last year was a whirlwind….life changes, career changes, new countries and so much more. But now is the time to move into a new year and a new decade. With this in mind, I decided it would be a good time to share The Traveller’s Wife for 2020. This will not be a post of resolutions…..I don’t make resolutions as I never keep them and/or completely forget about them. Rather, this is opportunity to share a little about me, why I started this blog and what you can expect in the coming year.

A little about me…..I’m still a thirty something mom of 2 – an curious, outgoing, lets question and analyze everything boy and a beautiful, outgoing, no holds bar, CEO in the making little girl. These 2 definitely keep me on my toes with all their activities, questions and analysis of everyday life. My husband is a director for a software company who travels globally more than half the year. As for me, I work full time as a project manager working on large global projects in healthcare. I’m a huge book lover, enjoy volunteering and love watching movies….when I get the opportunity. As you can see, there is a lot going in our everyday lives and its truly a balancing act to get everything done and stay sane at the same time. There are times when things are truly chaotic….homework, school activities and fundraisers, soccer practice, dance practice, managing travel schedules, work, etc.

On my blog, you’ll find all of our travel adventures, travel tips and tricks and all my family life hacks for surviving chaos 1 travel day at a time. I’ll also share new things I learn along the way; considering how long we have had this lifestyle you would think I would be an expert and have figured it all out! There is always room for improvement, right?? I’m also going to sharing more about how I personally stay sane; with everything that’s going on it’s very important for me to take care of myself. If I’m rundown, tired, or suffering from burnout then I can’t do what’s best for my family or fully support them. When the travel days and weeks seem to last forever, when nothing seems to go right, or you just need a mental break I hope you’ll come here for some peace of mind or a good laugh. So for 2020, I hope my blog is a source of inspiration, chaos survival and entertainment for all moms. Ready to be part of our journey….


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