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Along for the ride

So you’re probably wondering how my husband gets around town when travels internationally, especially if he is visiting a country for the first time. Believe it or not, Uber is not actually not available in every country. So he has discovered some great alternatives, through trial and error of course, for all the countries he has visited. He are some of his transportation resources; we hope this guide gets you about town no matter where you are!

Didi-If your looking for a way to get around China, Didi is your best bet. Didi has revolutionized transportation in Chin and believes its not just a ride, its a journey. My husband uses this ride service to get from one meeting to the next and you can order a ride in WeChat, the preferred communication method in China. How convenient! He can also choose the level of service from Luxe, Premier, Express, and Taxi. They even offer bike share service if your feeling athletic and want to truly experience the sites and sounds of the city. And Didi is not just in China, they also provide service in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Bolt (formerly Taxify)- Bolt is the preferred transportation method in Budapest, a place my husband has traveled to often. You can download the app for iPhone or Android, setup your account, and quickly order your first ride. As an added bonus, you can also order food and have it delivered to you using Bolt (think UberEats). Per my husband, this app is very similar to Uber and really easy to use. You can use Bolt practically all over the world in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Mexico.

Grab-Known as the “everyday app”, Grab provides transportation services in Singapore and a number of other countries in Southeast Asia. Once you download the app (available for iPhone and Android) you can book a taxi, shuttle, eScooter or a pet friendly ride. But there is a reason its called the everyday app….Grab not only provides ride services, it also provides delivery services for documents, packages, food; book tickets for movies and events; book a hotel; watch videos and pay for all your purchases! This makes travelling so much easier and convenient; no more keeping up with credit cards, receipts, etc. Its a win-win-win!

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Staying Healthy While Flying – Updated!

UPDATED- 6/15/2020

Now that our travel season is underway, I figured this would be the perfect time to share our favorite tips on staying healthy while on the plane. As all travellers know, when your in the airport your focused on getting to (or running) to make your next connection, scouting out the best place to eat, or reading the ever evolving arrival and departure flight board to see which gate your supposed to be at. It’s so easy to forget to put on hand sanitizer or just simply wash your hands. With as much traveling as my husband does all over the world, we’ve managed to determine a good game plan to keep him healthy. We definitely do the basics….hand sanitizer, cover you cough or sneeze, etc but did you know there are other things you can do while your on the plane that will keep you healthy? Lets discuss….

(New) Wear a face mask

The CDC and all airlines are now requiring passengers to wear face masks both in the airport and on the flight. There are a number of companies offering both reusable cloth and disposable face masks; you can even save by bundling. Face masks are key to protecting yourself and others from getting COVID-19 and are essential for travel at this time. When your in the TSA line, expect the TSA officer to ask you to pull down you mask so they can see your whole face for identification purposes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take it all the way off. If you get ear strain from wearing masks, you can purchase ear extenders. The extenders attach to the ear loops of you face mask and are placed at the back of your head, thus preventing ear loop strain. Invest in a couple pair, they are awesome!

Get digital!

TSA frontline workers will now be wearing face masks and gloves to screen passengers. Additionally, plastic shields are now in place at podiums with a small window to slide ID and tickets for verification. In order to reduce contact, download your ticket to your airlines app! This provides a hands free option for the TSA officer to scan your ticket without them ever having to touch your personal items. There are also a number of different apps that you can use that support digital tickets, check out my favorite travel apps post for some options.

Wash your hands….often!

So this concept isn’t technically new but it is definitely worth saying. It’s so important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds….yes you can spare 20 seconds!! 20 seconds is equivalent to singing the Happy Birthday song (in your head). Think about all the door handles, bins, armrests,etc you touch in the airport and you will see why you definitely need to wash your hands. Additionally, don’t touch your face (eyes, nose, and mouth) unless your hands are clean. These areas are by far the easiest way to introduce germs into your body. A sleep mask is a great trick for keeping your hands out of your eyes and helps you get more restful sleep.

Hand Sanitizer

Also not a new concept but it needs to be in your carry-on bag….so you can actually use it! Hand sanitizer should be at least 60% alcohol and should be used an as alternative to hand washing. This is quick and effective way to keep your hands clean and with all the wonderful scents they come you will smell lovely to the person sitting next to you. Update: You can now carry up to 12oz of hand sanitizer in your carry-on. This is great because you will need sanitize your hands more often in the absence of soap and water.

Pick the window seat

When flying, choose the window seat instead of the aisle. Once you’ve sat down, stay there and don’t get up. Why? People are pretty much moving/walking around on the flight (unless the fasten seat belt sign in on) which helps spread any possible germs to others. Additionally, people who sit in the window seat don’t get up….which reduces the number of people moving around….and also reduces your chance of coming in contact with any germs. Its a win-win. A word of caution: be sure to use the restroom BEFORE you sit in a window seat….because if you have to get to go to the bathroom it defeats the whole purpose. Update: most airlines are requiring the middle seat be left empty in order to comply with social distancing rules. This will make availability of the window seat smaller so book your seat ASAP!

Open your air vents

Open the air vents above your seat to improve ventilation and angel it to blow air AWAY from you. Basic science: germs can be spread via air circulation. Opening the air vent keeps air ventilation flowing so germs don’t get a chance to “stop” and land. You basically get a wind barrier from germs from an air vent. Clever!

Use Sanitizing Wipes

So this trick may get you some strange faces or raised eyebrows but it is totally worth it. Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down the tray table and arm rest. The tray table is the dirtiest place on the seat…..have you ever seen a flight attendant wipe them down….NO! Wipe it down yourself and save yourself from a headache or cold or whatever else is still hanging around. Sanitizing wipes are cheap ($1) and can be found everywhere so buy more than one and put them in your carry-on.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to drink plenty of water. Basic science: drinking water allows your body’s natural immune fighting mechanisms to work properly and keep your mucous membranes in your nasal and throat passages from getting dry. It is recommended to drink 8 oz of water for every 1 hour of flight time but be sure to adjust this amount to fit your body’s needs. NOTE: Remember that window seat….in order for all this to work properly follow this process: 1) Drink water before the flight 2) Go to the bathroom before boarding or before take off 3) Sit in the window seat.

BYOE – Bring Your Own Entertainment

The second most germ place is the seat pocket full of magazines in front of you. The seat pocket get used for everything….food, tissues, diapers, trash, etc. Bring your own magazine, movies, games, etc on your next flight so you have don’t even have to touch the seat pocket. Head to the Surviving Chaos->Family section of my blog for easy entertainment ideas that you can make ahead for the whole family! If your looking for book recommendations, head to my Books of 2019 post or my Instagram Stories “Books” for some ideas. I add my latest reads to my Instagram page. Additionally, almost all commercial airlines offer from Wi-fi for movies, T.V shows and games you can stream on you laptop and/or tablet….so put it to good use. Just don’t forget to download their app so you can access it.

We hope you found these tips helpful; we know some of them are not traditional but they have kept us (and my husband) healthy on flights. Do you have any tips or tricks for staying healthy while flying? Let us know!

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Year in Review: Favorite Cities of 2019

My husband have traveled a lot over this past year, both domestically and abroad! So he has compiled a list of his favorites cities for 2019. We hope you enjoy this list and have the opportunity to visit some the cities and experience all the sights and sounds they have to offer.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest tops our list of favorite city to visited for 2019. It is absolutely beautiful during the summer months and has lots of places to see and things to do. There is so much rich culture to experience and the people are very friendly courteous and polite. On his last visit, he got to see the Castle District, St. Stephen’s Bascilica Cathedral, the Eye of Budapest and Heros Square. But that is not all that Budapest has to offer….the Hungarian National Museum, Szchenyi Thermal Baths, Danbu River and Ecseri Flea Market are definitely worth visiting. And don’t for get grab a bowl of Hungarian goulash while your there. This hearty dish is full of veggies, beef, and lots of paprika. My husband really enjoyed this dish and ate it almost everyday!. Budapest will is definitely on the horizon for 2020 and hopefully I can tag along too!

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is next on my husband favorite cities list this year. He has been to Seoul many times and enjoys the culture, temples and especially the food. Fun fact….did you know that Seoul is the home of fried chicken and barbeque??? Who would of thought!! This was right up my husbands alley and now I see why he visits so often. While there he visited the Coex Centre in the Gangnam district, home to Asia’s biggest underground shopping mall complete with casino, kimchi museum and traditional Buddhist temple. There is so much to do and see, its definitely worth visiting.

San Diego, California (USA)

One of my husbands favorite spots in San Diego is Mission Beach. A classic style oceanfront boardwalk, Mission beach features lots of shops, an amusement park, miniature golf, bumper cars and lots of restaurants. The view of the ocean is breathtaking and with miles of beach there is plenty of space for sunbathing, sand volleyball and swimming. This is the perfect place for the whole family. While there, don’t forget to catch a San Diego Padres baseball game, which are a lively and a ton of fun and visit real pirate ships in the bay. Since my husband is a frequent flyer, it seemed only fitting that he eat at Mr As, a restaurant located right off the airport where you can dine at eye level with the landing planes. It is definitely a sight to see!

Taipei, Taiwan

Next on our list is Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. The mild weather in Taipei (especially since its always hot where we live) is ideal for the perfect getaway. But this is your warning….keep an umbrella handy. It rains a couple of times per day in Taipei. During his visit, my husband got the opportunity to visit the Golden Waterfall in Golden Ecological Park. A waterfall that is golden sounds too good to be true but it is truly beautiful. Due to the regular rainfall in the mining area (there’s that consistent rain again) and abundant heavy metals, the water has a golden hue when it leaves the waterfall. If only there were REAL gold in the water…..wishful thinking! Its also a popular spot for newly weds and photographers so it can definitely get crowded (pun intended). Not only is the landscape beautiful but there is so much culture to experience. For example, the Chiufen Shengping Theater, the oldest existing theater in Taiwan, which still shows old school movies a certain times of day each week. If your a movie buff and like movies shown on an old school projector, this place is right up your alley. And don’t forget the food! The cuisine is elegant and but tasty. There are so many dishes to try from traditional to exotic and you can’t leave without having some Dragon Fruit. Taipei is definitely worth another visit in 2020!

Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan is a beautiful and artistic culture that is fond of barbeque. Armenia is known for its BBQ around the world; they literally grill everything! Of course this was right up my husband’s alley, he considers himself a BBQ master!! The grill naturally brought everyone together and prompted lots of talk about site seeing, world issues, and work-of course! This was perfect for my husband as he is definitely a people person. Additionally, he also got to experience celebration of 2800th year of Yerevan as a the capital of Armenia. He was able to see all festivities, concerts and parades for celebrate this momentous year including a visit to Anniversary Park occurred. The park includes 250 new trees, 5 bronze statues, and Urartu style bull and lion statues and is currently maintained by the same family for the past 99 years. Don’t forget you camera! My husband took some awesome pictures of art, innovation and sculptures which Yerevan is know for. And who could forget that giant spider! Made of discarded metal, this spider located outside the Moscow Cinema you won’t soon forget. As for me (who has a fears of spiders) I was not nearly as enthused. After visiting the spider (of my nightmares), he had the opportunity to visit Republic Square and see the Singing and Dancing fountains. A water feature with a light show set to classical, pop or jazz music; it is definitely a must see and favorite tourist attraction.


The Traveller’s Wife Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming…… Are you ready?? I am so excited to create the first ever The Traveller’s Wife Christmas guide! After a loooong year of traveling, my favorite traveler is need of some much needed rest, relaxation and a restock of his favorite travel items. So we put our heads together and curated a globally inspired list of our favorite items that not only helped make traveling easier but also made chaos survival at home a breeze. What better way to say “Merry Christmas” than with specially curated travel gifts. Check out our list:

Conquest Maps

Calling all travelers!!!! Looking for the perfect map to document all your adventures, then Conquest Maps are the perfect gift. Conquest Maps specializes in pin board and poster wall maps to document all your travel adventures. Ordering is so simple…

  1. Choose your map region: US, World, Caribbean, State, etc
  2. Choose your map style: they have 7 different styles (they are all gorgeous!)
  3. Customize: customize the legend including text, push pin colors and push pin style


Even though Levenger is known for its high quality journals and notebooks, have you checked out their travel section? These are our top 3 travel items from Levenger! My husband loves his passport ticket wallet, especially since he will visit 2 or 3 countries in one trip and the tech roll up keeps all the cords for all his gadgets neat and organized. The earbuds are a life saver for me with all the things floating around my purse. The best part…..all are made of genuine leather and come in an assortment of colors. Talk about durability! We own all 3!

Aphrodite Jewelry

Based in Germany, Aphrodite Jewelry makes watches, bracelets and necklaces. These unique gifts can be customized with different charms and worn as bundles with their watches or separately. Also, use my code “travellerswife35” for 15% off! These are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

Le Grand Verre Wines

Le Grand Verre Wines provides a way to discover wines directly from France. All their wines are hand-picked from sustainable farms, vetted by chefs and sommeliers, and from family and women-owned wineries in France. With options from bold and fruity reds, refreshing whites and roses and even special holiday packages there is is something for everyone. This is the perfect gift for a wine connoisseurs that keeps on giving.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The uniquely portable Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated while traveling. Designed with a flexible BPA-free silicone body, the travel-friendly Nomader® water bottle can be folded-up or collapsed flat to save on space, yet it’s as comfortable to drink from as a hard-sided bottle.  With 10 different colors to choose from and TSA approved, these water bottles are the perfect gift for any traveller.

Nomader Water Bottle


Known as “the worlds most comfortable shoe” Allbirds are the perfect travel shoe. Made from New Zealand merino wool, Allbirds shoes are comfortable, simply designed (for men, women and kids), moisture-wicking, cozy and are made for life’s adventures. Additionally, the entire shoe is made from recycled materials from the laces down to the packaging. What better way to love mother earth.

Allbirds Loungers

Dagne Dover Carryall

Extra long weekend? You need an extra large weekender. Whether you’re taking a planned vacay or extending your Sunday into Tuesday, their extra large Landon Carryall has the most room of all its smaller siblings. It has a dust bag for shoes, a leash for keys, and a pouch for any other goodies you can’t travel without. And what’s a weekender without a removable crossbody strap and two sneaky zipper pockets that keep your unmentionables from being, well, mentioned? And if you’re thirsty, there’s a place for your bottle (of water or wine).

Landon Carryall

Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn an affiliate commission from the links on this page.

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